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Jun 29th, at 12:55am 05 ]
Ok, so yea..I got in a car accident. This is what happened: Im driving to my brothers house with my mom..I push my blinker down to turn left. I slowed down to like, 10mph..almost a complete stop b4 I turned, and then as Im turning left this car tries to pass me! WTF was she thinking, I mean..hello, you dont try to pass a fucking car when you see theyre turning left like that...and plus its illegal to pass someone at an intersection. So anyway..since I was going so slow, she just runs into the front end of the car as I was trying to turn..and she ends up running into the ditch at the curb. My mom was so freaked out, she took her seat belt off and was going to go help the other woman, and as she was doing that I cut the car off; unbuckled my seat belt and went to my mom. The other ladies car was nose first in the ditch so the back of her car was raised some..she wasnt hurt though..she said she just banged her head on the steering wheel. The woman called her husband and my mom told me to walk to my brothers house [he lives right at the curb..as you turn in the road] so I go in the house and explained the situation to my sister-in-law and her and her kids walked back out there with me. I stayed in my brothers house until the police man came and then he questioned me and the other woman. He drew like, a diagram of what the road looked like and he asked me how far did I think I was out into the other lane before I saw her coming. I told him like, halfway the other lane. He asked me how fast I was going when I was about to make the turn and I told him I slowed down to about 20-10mph..and proceeded to make the turn. I told him that I had my blinker on and everything like that..the obvious questions. Then he asked the other woman why she tried to pass me when she saw I was making a left turn, and she said that she thought I was making a right turn. He filled out some paper work and then he asked me to pull my car up to the side of the road so people could pass. My blinker was still pushed down when I turned on the car so he saw that I had my left blinker on. Then I just pulled the car to the side of the road..it was pouring rain at this time so I stayed in the car while he talked to my mom. He came to the conclusion that it was both mine and the other womans fault. It was illegal for her to try and pass someone while theyre trying to make a left turn, and I shouldve looked behind me to make sure the coast was clear.

Wtf-ever it was her fault...was she trying to fucking kill me?! If I was going just a little bit faster she wouldve rammed right in the side of me and I could be at the hospital or dead right now. Now the insurance is going to be jacked up high as hell and I wont be able to get the braces that my mom has been trying to save up for over a year or two, she'll be using that money to pay a huge fucking insurance bill.
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Jun 5th, at 12:46pm 05 ]

May 28th, at 3:43pm 05 ]

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